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Johnston Whitetails Breeder Bucks - Treble Hook Jr.

# 113 “Treble Hook Jr” comes from a great pedigree both on the top side and bottom. Marty Berry ’s 6x6 main frame “Treble Hook” crossed with yellow 20 which was out of the Sampson, Bubba 2 line. giving him greater mass than his father.


Treble Hook Jr at first set of antlers broke his left antler off fighting at the pedicle. That break went all the way into his brain cavity therefore his left side has always been deformed. To make things worse he got bit by a rattle snake at 2 ½. He has had 6 typical to 7 typical straight up points on his good side since two. We  line breed him for 3 years and have many Doe off springs in our legion of 6x6 and 7x7 dam genetics base.


Treble Hook Sire to Treble Hook Jr.
Treble Hook Jr at 2yrs old snake bite Treble Hook Jr at 2yrs old Treble Hook Jr at 4yrs old Treble Hook Jr at 6yrs old
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