Double J Ranch Whitetails was founded in 1996. The facility is located in Medina County near Castroville, Texas. We currently have an inventory of more than 300 Whitetail Deer. We have 24 - 1/4 acre  pens and a state of the art working facility.


We are in our pens several times a day to observe every single deer on a year round basis, she knows her deer!  The doe are called “ladies and girls” and are not just a number as most all are named.

   Unlike some operations every deer is DNA certified. The does are separated into groups of 8 to 10 per pen so that we can tag the fawns the day they are born to prevent any mistakes as to who the mother is. 

Lots of new comers to the deer business think in terms of gross score and don’t stop and remember that any great non-typical deer must have a strong typical main frame to start with.  Theresa and I have always bred our genetic lines to produce a pure line of Typical Whitetails. Our foundation buck was called “Blue Duck” a beautiful main frame 6x6 who has thrown many big 6x 6’s and a few 7x7’s thru the years. We have been breeding only 6x6 and 7x7 genetic for 4 or 5 generations now and are proud of our efforts in that area. We also have a non typical line with the foundation buck called “Black Jack” tag # Black 21 who is ˝ High Roller crossed by A. I. with a Randy Shipp Texas doe Yellow #43.  B & C Official, Horace Gore, scored him at an even 280 gross at 3 ˝ and 200 3/8 gross at 2 ˝.



Jerry and Theresa Johnston



Blue Duck