Double J Ranch Whitetails was founded in 1996. Our facility is located in Medina County near Castroville, Texas.

 We currently have an inventory of more than 100 Whitetail Deer. We have 24 separate pens and a state of the art working facility.


We have always bred our genetic lines to produce a pure line of Typical Whitetails. Our foundation buck was called “Blue Duck” a beautiful pure South Texas main frame 6x6 who, thru the years has thrown many big 6x6’s and a few 7x7’s. 

Lots of new comers to the deer business think in terms of gross score and don’t stop and remember that any great deer must have a strong typical main frame to start with. We have been breeding only 6x6 and 7x7 genetic for 4 or 5 generations now and are proud of our efforts.


 We also have a non typical line with the foundation buck being Black #21 “Black Jack” who is ˝ High Roller crossed by A. I. with a Randy Shipp Texas doe Yellow #43.  Black Jack was recently scored by B & C Official, Horace Gore, at an even 280"gross @ 3 ˝ years old. Also following in his father's footsteps is "John Wayne #964" 280 5/8" @ 4yrs old he is a son of "Black Jack".

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  Jerry and Theresa Johnston

We also have three ranches to offer some of the best hunting in South Texas.  

For more information please visit our hunting website.